Online Hearing Test

You are not currently logged into this website.  To be able to return and review your hearing test results you need to register and login to the website.  We understand that this may add an extra minute before you take the test, but we believe that it will be to your benefit.  Please Click here to log in if you have already registered with, or Click here to register.  Thank you.

Our free online hearing test is designed to show you the relative hearing loss of your ears to each other and at different frequencies.  These test are stored on this site for you to view later at any time, or to compare and track your hearing over time.  The online hearing test takes only 5 or 10 minutes.  For best results, follow these guidelines:

  • You should have someone with good hearing with you to help set the volume
  • Taking the test with quality headphones allows you to test both ears seperately 
  • Eliminate background noise (radio, TV, talking, etc.)
  • Enjoy your hearing test, click the button below to begin*

*If you have any problems with the website or test, click here to report the problem.

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